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Program Director: Gabriel Esquivel

New Projects T4T 2022

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The T4T Lab creates and fosters involvement opportunities that enhance the complex and everlasting relationship between architecture and innovation. Using Design and Research as vehicles for the discovery of new ways of integrating theory and technology. To that end we serve the University community as well as the Architecture community as consultants, administrators, and educators for students and professionals.


Tom Wiscombe


Roland Snooks

Eric Goldemberg

Niccolo Casas

Bruno Juricic

Gilles Retsin

Adam Fure

Casey Rehm

Nate Hume

Joris Putteneers

Gonzalo Vaillo 

Barry Wark 

Patrick Danahy 

2023 TBD

Jury members from 2011 to 2021:

Through the years these are some of the names that have honored us being part of the different juries. Some of them have been here several times: Paul Preissner, Robbie Eleazer, Mark Foster Gage, Kory Bieg, Marcelo Spina, Gilles Retsin, Ferda Kolatan, Adam Fure, Bruno Juricic, Stephen Caffey, Rene Graham, Casey Rehm, Viola Ago, José Sánchez, Alex Santander, Kivi Sotamaa, Michael Young, Kristy Balliet, Courtney Coffman, Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Ryan Vincent Manning, Victoria Goldstein, James Tate, Robert Stuart Smith, Nicolas Turchi, Barry Wark, Nate Hume, Gonzalo Vaillo, Marrikka Trotter, Elena Manferdini, David Ruy, Andrew Saunders, Benjamin Ennemoser.



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