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To become active players in the world of new technologies through research and education.

The main challenges:

1. To be able to foster the integration, friendship, trust, respect among the students, ---sophomores with seniors.

2. To be able to integrate a project as part of a team basis system that includes high computational skills, design and theoretical discussions.

3. We invite top of the discipline external peer reviewers to evaluate the projects, ----the projects need to be of excellent quality.

Personal Benefit

1. Finding new concepts and ideas in the current milieu of architecture.

2. Learning new digital techniques and how to apply them in a pedagogical setting.

3. Become a contributor to the current architecture conversation.

4. Invited professors that have participated, have been able to propel their careers and have become well-known within the field and are currently invited professors in American top schools of architecture in the world.

5. Inviting more interesting and challenging designers to collaborate in this studio, increases the department’s and personal network.



This is achieved through active research within an interdisciplinary environment. Technology has brought a new architecture paradigm that has blurred the boundaries of the disciplines into a world of collaboration.

Student Development

We value students and their capacity. Through their involvement with the Lab students will develop advanced digital technology skills, improve their fabrication techniques as well as material knowledge preparing them for the future, short term and long term. This Lab has so far has demonstrated to help students in achieving their fullest potential. We are committed to designing an environment where the commitment to learning guides the students to understand all that new practices in architecture are intentional, collaborative, and experiential.



We intentionally engage and empower students in learning about new technologies that continuously builds their capacity to effectively lead in a global arena. We are preparing them to be the leaders in the future practice of architecture. Leadership is defined as the capacity of influencing others, within an environment of mutual growth and integrity, to achieve a shared vision that sustains positive change.



To creating an environment that fully supports diverse backgrounds, points of view, knowledge and experience from different disciplines. We strive to create a Laboratory where professionals and students can learn with and from each other.



To create a sense of community of new technologies like most A&M organizations and embrace an environment that is inclusive, open and visionary. To foster a sense of shared experience and common purpose, along with a collective responsibility for the well-being of the University as a whole.



We believe in continuous improvement and strive to achieve the very best in all that we do.

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