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Hi-Lo Def Megastructure 

Invited Distinguished Professor:

Gilles Retsin.


Gabriel Esquivel,  Studio Professor

Stephen Caffey, Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture History and Theory

Texas A&M University


Team: Matt Kohman, Hannah Galbraith, Alex Nelson, Briseida Hernandez and Tyler Larsen


Object-oriented programming does not dispute this view of the world as to restructure to a higher level. It groups operations and data into modular units called objects and lets you combine objects into structured networks to form a complete program. In an object-oriented programming language, objects and object interactions are the basic elements of design. Every object has both state (data) and behavior (operations on data). In that, they're not much different from ordinary physical objects. It's easy to see how a mechanical device, Such as a pocket watch or a piano, embodies both state and behavior.

Early discussions and hi fidelity test with scripted techniques necessitated a framework in which to communicate with the object and appropriate agency, this lead to an interest in scalessness through resolution and use of the mega-structure. What are you all among currently, this object, is algorithms, materials, properties, processes, tectonics, materiality, and agency operations given towards a holistic understanding of itself.


The high fidelity hi-tech machine produces a plane of eminence that is flat but unintelligible. Hi definition confounds the anthropocentrism and It became Important to move towards a realist ontology past by expanding our discussion hi fidelity / hi tech and engage the object using a directly accessible via low tech fabrication. We define the project as an Autopoietic machines are homeostatic machines. But ITS uniqueness lies not in this but in the fundamental variable that maintain constant. This autopoietic machine is a system organized as a concatenated production Processes producing components such components:

a) Generate processes (relations of production that occurs through their continuous interactions and transformations, and

b) Up to the machine as a unit in physical space.


Therefore, to specific autopoietic machine continuously specifies and produces its own, their own organization by producing components, under continuous disturbance and compensation of these disturbances (production of components).


This autopoietic machines posses individuality; That is, by the invariant maintenance organization maintain an identity actively That does not depend on Their interaction With an observer.

This translation from big data, scripting and digital manipulation to low tech fabrication is not about representation. It is about speculative realism. The object, though unknowable, negotiates the persistent dialog of building and technology by utilizing low-fi fabrication as a plausible reality rather than waiting for technology to develop.


The machines of communication now become craft, basic construction materials, PVC pipe and glue, CNC pen drawings etc. Perhaps though 10 steps removed from construction, it is moving towards a physical manifestation Realized. Each machine, from complex algorithm to PVC joint connection is given each translation agency and have little relation to the other emerging With no hierarchy. The library, though perceivably to mereological diagram translator whose functions as machines and tech levels between equalizing them on the same plane.




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