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MOLT S-13 

Invited Distinguished Professors:

Eric Goldemberg

Niccolo Casas


Coordination: Gabriel Esquivel


Team: Dylan Weiser, Erin Templeton, Drew Busmire, Jeff Lemley


The project reflects a paradigm shift in spatial perception due to the intense use of computational techniques in architecture; the capacity to process and manipulate massive amounts of data allows for rhythm to be perceived as playing an active role in the formation of spatial-tectonic articulation, claiming the foreground figural-field and not merely embedded or indexed in the structure.


The beat of pulsatile systems is profoundly inherent in our psyche, from the material-molecular to the organizational-collective. The notion of digital prosthesis serves to articulate this purpose by extending the realm of the body through prosthetics that supplement the functionality and aesthetics of the body, leading progressively to the scale of urban aggregations by means of framing devices. The studio teased out Intense Presentness of effects derived from time-based processes but privileging the now, the status quo of artificially, post-articulated matter over any questioning of its process of becoming.


The moulting process becomes an important condition to understand the project. The project has a double skin, the exterior one hard as the molted skin that is performative and the soft, affective interior surface. 

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