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Invited Distinguished Professor:

Gilles Retsin.


Gabriel Esquivel,  Studio Professor

Stephen Caffey, Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture History and Theory

Texas A&M University


Team: Francisco Reyes, Davis Eubanks, Cathy Florece, Jose De Leon.


The project based on Franz Kline’s painting The Ballantine, simplifies itself in to a single line. This line is a drawing machine quantifying itself to completion, where the more it is the more it draws, this action creates operational qualities which we don’t know what they are. This dogma applies to every single new machine or “stroke” that is related to itself in a flat plane of eminence outside of  human knowledge. Nevertheless this drawing machine reaches a level of absolutism performing its own duties, where architecture becomes as it follows its characteristics instead of being in contraposition. This Deleuzian flux machine is being captured in a glimpse of its existence, where we don’t know its beginning nor end as well as its scale, making humans the ones who accept it as an ecological machine rather than IT changing to human needs. For humans to communicate with  this drawing machine we have capture different glimpses of the machine where the line is always present but we don’t know its location, intensions, scale or materiality.


 “The mass” as we call it is our attempt to understand the composite machine as a Mega-structure, expanding its endo-system which can be placed in any context anywhere making this drawing machine non-conforming to  any reality but its own, embedded by its own standards found at  any given time. The line can be two characteristics; one very organized and another one jerky and messy.

 The Chunk produced by another moment of this machine will continue to be and develop as a Deluzian flux object as well as the mass. The Chunk of this mega-structure can behave as any part of the house, composed by different bundles of lines that are discontinues in a spatial-temporal revelation. These instance can reveal that the machine can create discontinues machines placed in space which are still on a direct connection with this autonomous object, creating an illusion of what we understand as a whole even though this machine keeps on fluxing, expanding and drawing.


The Details can show in further understandment how the machines relate to themselves to create a new machine or part where the human interaction can happen in a supra scales object meant as language and instrumentation.

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